Curriculum Vitae

Below, I have listed a summary of my C.V. For a more complete version, please email me.


Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
01/2013                                   Boston University                                                                 Boston, MA

Mechanical Engineering M.S.
05/2008                                   Boston University                                                                 Boston, MA

Bioengineering B.S.
05/2005                                   University of California, Berkeley                                      Berkeley, CA

Work Experience:

12/15 - Present                 Dept. of Computer Science, University of Oxford                                 Oxford, UK
         .     Research Scientist: mobile autonomy - safety, trust, and integrity of autonomous mobile robots and
               enabling a pervasive technology of the future.

09/12 - 09/15                   Dept. of Computer Science, Rice University                                          Houston, TX
         .     Post Doctoral Research Associate: motion planning and control synthesis for complex and uncertain
               systems from task-level specifications at Kavraki Lab and Computer-Aided Verification and Reasoning
               (CAVR) group.

06/08 - 07/12                    Hybrid and Networked Systems Lab (HyNeSs)                                     Boston, MA
         .     Graduate Research Assistant: formal approaches to control of stochastic dynamical systems, analysis
               and control of hybrid systems, finite abstraction of continuous systems in a partitioned state space.

05/07 - 07/12                    Andersson Lab                                                                                     Boston, MA
         .     Graduate Research Assistant: symbolic control of probabilistic robots including design of feedback
               control primitives, finite abstraction of the motion of the robot in the environment, optimizing the
               probability of satisfying a specification given as a temporal logic formula

06/07 - 06/08                    Chelsea High School                                                                            Chelsea, MA
         .     GK-12 Fellow: taught 11th and 12th grade physics, enhanced content of curriculum by developing new
               modules, designed activities including robot competitions, provided demos, and assisted with labs.


  • Serious Hobbies: water skiing, alpine skiing (Iran’s youth gold medalist), surfing, soccer, basketball, bungee jumping, traveling, bicycling, and cooking.